Productivity Tools

Tech productivity tools fall into these categories

  • Text Editors - EMacs, Vim
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environments) - IntelliJ, PyCharm
  • Web Browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and Edge
  • Multimedia Creation and Management Tools

Browser Based Applications

In the world of tech - web browsers are the ultimate productivity tools.

They help us to

  • find solutions via StackOverflow, tech blogs, Wikis and YouTube
  • access managed services like Jira, BitBucket and Google's services
  • consume (eat) our own documentation portals and resources
  • save bookmarks, perform research, find solutions to technial problems
  • interface with cloud services like AWS, Google Analytics and more
  • download applications and pre-engineered archetypal solutions
  • monitor using DataDog, kanban boards and dashboards like Kibana

Password managers and other plugins help us maintain high authentication standards without lowering our productivity profiles.

Modern browsers are used as GUIs to deliver cloud-based applications that are critical to IT, software developers and DevOps Engineers. These heavily biased communication tools include

  • Slack
  • BitBucket
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Gmail
  • Google Search
  • DataDog
  • Kubernetes Management
  • Kibana Dashboard

Mozilla Firefox | Ubuntu 1804

On Ubuntu 18.04 Mozilla Firefox comes as standard and is the preferred productivity tool for interfacing with the web page based internet.

Mozilla Firefox | Importing and Exporting Bookmarks

Mozilla Firefox | Installing Certificates

Mozilla Firefox | Launching Apps

To launch an app we need to set and encrypt its configuration. Once that's done we run a command which will launch the browser in the foreground, access the configured page and send the appropriate keys.

Productivity tools are one on one unlike team collaboration tools like Jira, Git, Confluence and Slack which are account based and facilitate team working and communication.

Keyboard Shortcuts (Web Browsers)

You interact a lot with web browsers - so using Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts pushes your overall productivity right up.

These pages contain the most frequently used keyboard shortcuts

Multimedia Tools | Not an Endangered Species

Apart from web browsers which are in effect platforms (operating systems even), the only breed of desktop applications that are not yet an endangered species, is multimedia tools.

Multimedia tools facilitate the creation and editing of multimedia which includes

  • images and photography
  • moving images like videos and animated gifs
  • sound and music production
  • logo, graphics and web design

Leaving aside film directors and mega producers like Dr Dre, the humble DevOps engineer needs a few choice applications to aide their day to day efforts. These key desktop applications are

  • screen capture tools
  • software development IDEs (Python, Ruby, Groovy, Java and Go)

Screen Capture


  • PrintScreen » captures the whole screen into Pictures folder
  • Shift - PrintScreen » delivers mouse selector to capture a rectangular screen portion
  • Alt - PrintScreen » captures the in focus window