Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

Impress your friends with these keyboard shortcuts (and raise your productivity)

Action Shortcut Key
Open Keyboard Shortcuts Menu ? (Question Mark)
Search for All Containing a Word / (Fwd Slash)
Toggle List and Block Views v
Toggle Show/Hide the Details Panel d
Navigate to the next item j
Navigate to the previous item k
Move File or Folder elsewhere z
Open Item o or Enter
Select and Deselect the highlighted item x
Jump to navigation panel g then n
Jump to documents list g then l
Jump to folders g then f
Jump to details pane g then d
Create folder Shift-f
Move left right up and down the 4 arrows
Select items on the fly Shift (and an arrow)
Select All Items Shift a
Deselect All Items Shift n
Show the New (things) Menu c
Show the Actions Menu a
Show the Sort Menu r
Star and Unstar Item s
Share Item . (period)

n » Rename a file/folder

The typical way to rename a file in Drive is to right-click on it and select Rename. However, you can do this with a single keystroke instead. When you have a file selected, just hit the n key and the rename window will automatically open.

. » Share a file/folder

If you’re sharing a file, you usually click on the Share icon up at the top, or right-click the file and choose Share. But again, you can do this with a keyboard shortcut instead. This time, just select a file or folder and hit the period button. Then, the share dialog window will open and you can share it with others.

z » Move a file/folder

Moving a file or folder in Drive is an important tool for staying organized. Select the file or folder and hit the z key, and it’ll open up a window where you can decide where you’d like to move it.

s » Star a file/folder

Another organizational tool is starring items in Drive so that you can quickly pull up a list of the most important files you have stored. Typically, you’d right-click on the file and click Add Star. (These files are then easily accessed by clicking on the “Starred” list on the left-hand side of the screen.) You can star files even more quickly by just selecting them and then hitting the s key. To unstar the file, hit s again.

qq » Adjust the display density

Do you like seeing a lot of space between your files? Or perhaps you like a more compact view? To adjust the display density of your Drive file list, just hit q and then q again. You can toggle through the settings (just hit qq again) to choose the display setting that you like best.