Emacs Tools EcoSystem | Install

On Ubuntu (Debian) this command informs you of available emacs tool eco-system.

sudo apt-cache search emacs | grep emacs

Below are the main emacs tooling protagonists (and protagonistas).

emacs - GNU Emacs editor (metapackage)
emacs-goodies-el - Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs
emacs24 - GNU Emacs editor (with GTK+ GUI support)
emacs24-bin-common - GNU Emacs editor's shared, architecture dependent files
emacs24-common - GNU Emacs editor's shared, architecture independent infrastructure
emacs24-common-non-dfsg - GNU Emacs common non-DFSG items, including the core documentation
emacs24-dbg - Debugging symbols for emacs24
emacs24-el - GNU Emacs LISP (.el) files
emacs24-lucid-dbg - Debugging symbols for emacs24-lucid
emacs24-nox - GNU Emacs editor (without GUI support)
emacs24-nox-dbg - Debugging symbols for emacs24-nox
emacsen-common - Common facilities for all emacsen
acl2-emacs - Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: emacs interface
agda-mode - dependently typed functional programming language — emacs mode
apel - portable library for emacsen
cxref-emacs - Generates LaTeX and HTML documentation for C programs
ddskk - efficient Japanese input system for emacsen
dh-elpa - Debian helper tools for packaging emacs lisp extensions
dictem - Dict client for emacs
e2wm - simple window manager for emacs
ecasound-el - multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (emacs)
eflite - Festival-Lite based emacspeak speech server
emacs-calfw - calendar framework for Emacs
emacs-calfw-howm - calendar framework for Emacs (howm add-on)
emacs-intl-fonts - fonts to allow multilingual PostScript printing from Emacs
emacs-jabber - Jabber client for Emacsen
emacs-mozc - Mozc for Emacs
emacs-mozc-bin - Helper module for emacs-mozc
emacs-nox - GNU Emacs editor (metapackage, without X support)
emacs-window-layout - window layout manager for emacs
emacs24-lucid - GNU Emacs editor (with Lucid GUI support)
emacspeak - speech output interface to Emacs
emacspeak-espeak-server - espeak syntesis server for emacspeak
emacspeak-ss - Emacspeak speech servers for several synthesizers
flim - library about internet message for emacsen
git-el - fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (emacs support)
icicles - emacs library that enhances minibuffer/input completion
initz - Handles the switching of various initialization files of emacsen
ledger-el - command-line double-entry accounting program (emacs interface)
libocp-indent-lib-ocaml - OCaml indentation tool for emacs and vim - libraries
libocp-indent-lib-ocaml-dev - OCaml indentation tool for emacs and vim - development libraries
lookup-el - emacsen interface to electronic dictionaries
lyskom-elisp-client - emacs client for LysKOM
malaga-mode - System for automatic language analysis - emacs mode
maxima-emacs - Computer algebra system -- emacs interface
mu-cite - message citation utility for emacsen
notmuch-emacs - thread-based email index, search and tagging (emacs interface)
ocp-indent - OCaml indentation tool for emacs and vim - runtime
org-mode - keep notes, maintain ToDo lists, and do project planning in emacs
post-el - emacs major mode for editing mail
puppet-el - syntax highlighting for puppet manifests in emacs
pyrex-mode - emacs-lisp pyrex-mode for pyrex
python-ropemacs - Emacs mode for Python refactoring
select-xface - utility for selecting X-Face on emacsen
semi - library to provide MIME feature for emacsen
singular-ui-emacs - Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations -- emacs user interface
supercollider-emacs - SuperCollider mode for Emacs
t-code - Japanese direct input method environment for emacsen
tuareg-mode - emacs-mode for ocaml programs
verbiste-el - French and Italian conjugator - emacs extension
whizzytex - a WYSIWYG emacs environment for LaTeX
wl - mail/news reader supporting IMAP for emacsen
wl-beta - mail/news reader supporting IMAP for emacsen (development version)
x-face-el - utility for displaying X-Face on emacsen
xcscope-el - Interactively examine a C program source in emacs
xemacs21 - highly customizable text editor
xemacs21-basesupport - Editor and kitchen sink -- compiled elisp support files
xemacs21-basesupport-el - Editor and kitchen sink -- source elisp support files
xemacs21-bin - highly customizable text editor -- support binaries
xemacs21-mule - highly customizable text editor -- Mule binary
xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn - highly customizable text editor -- Mule binary compiled with Canna and Wnn
xemacs21-mulesupport - Editor and kitchen sink -- Mule elisp support files
xemacs21-mulesupport-el - Editor and kitchen sink -- source elisp support files
xemacs21-nomule - highly customizable text editor -- Non-mule binary
xemacs21-support - highly customizable text editor -- architecture independent support files
xemacs21-supportel - highly customizable text editor -- non-required library files
yaml-mode - emacs mode for YAML files
org-mode-doc - keep notes, maintain ToDo lists, and do project planning in emacs

Favourite Emacs Things

My favourite emacs is emacs24-lucid.

sudo apt-get --assume-yes install emacs24-lucid